Wake Sports Boat


The Super Air Nautique GS22 was designed with everyone in mind. With a list of hull and performance features that allows this boat to pull any type of watersport at high levels, the GS22 is a crowd pleaser for all who step onboard. Hull characteristics taken from our award-winning Ski Nautique and G-Series give this model an incredibly versatile running surface so that you can waterski, wakesurf and wakeboard on demand. Utilize the Ski Assist feature on the LINC Panoray and run down the course, or fill up the 2,250 pounds of sub-floor standard ballast and surf an endless wave. The GS22 has what it takes to give you and your family lifelong memories.

Modern Look & Feel

The most popular multi-sport boat in the Nautique line, the exterior of the GS22 includes modern lines that look stunning running down the lake or just relaxing with a sunset cruise. Make the GS22 your own with our Design Your Nautique boat building tool and utilize the countless color combinations.

Designed for the Details

With custom touches and refined materials throughout the boat, the GS22 interior was designed to keep you and your family having fun all summer long. Multiple seat configurations, plenty of storage space and high-quality materials, this boat comes with unmatched luxury and convenience in the 22-foot size class.

Ready for Anything

The Super Air Nautique GS22 creates the perfect platform to wakesurf, wakeboard or waterski behind with world-class performance for its size class. The technology in the Nautique Configurable Running Surface® (NCRS) was developed so the GS22 performs perfectly for every activity at every speed. Select the Slalom Ski profile with NCRS Ski Assist, or quickly fill the 2,250 pounds of sub-floor internal ballast and you are on the way to surf or wakeboard.

the perfect tow point for wakesurfing and wakeboarding

The Flight Control Tower provides the perfect tow point for wakesurfing and wakeboarding on the Super Air Nautique GS22. It folds down quickly and easily for getting under bridges, pulling into boathouses or storing in garage areas as well.

Length Overall

22' / 6.70m

Length With Platform

24'1.5" / 7.35m

Lift Ring Spacing

20'7.75" / 6.29m


100" / 2.54m


27" / .69m

Approx Dry Weight

4750 lbs / 2,155 kg

Fuel Capacity

51 gal / 193 L

Maximum Capacity

15 people / 2200 lbs / 998 kg

Max Factory Ballast

2950lbs / 1338kg


ZR4-400 HP / ZZ5-355 HP / ZZ6-450 HP


400 Ft-Lb / 405 Ft-Lb / 465Ft-Lb

Gear Reduction Ratio