Super Air Nautique G25

Wake Sports Boat


The Super Air Nautique G25 leaves nothing to be desired. Packed with the latest innovations and delivering world-class surf waves and wakeboard wakes, this flagship will keep everyone happy that you bring onboard. At 25-feet, the G25 has all the passenger space you’d ever need, but also boasts an enormous amount of storage space. With an interior that can be transformed from a social area to a spectator-style configuration, the G25 delivers you with the ultimate on-water experience all summer long. Step aboard and start making lifelong memories.

Built for Excitement

The largest of the G-Series models, The Super Air Nautique G25 is the perfect choice if you use your boat on larger water ways or want to bring all your friends and family along. With a wide and tapered hull and the iconic look of a G-Series, the G25 combines modern lines with timeless styling for an unrivaled look on the water.

Ample Amenities

With enough room for all your friends and family, the lounge inside the Super Air Nautique G25 has expansive space and is extremely versatile. Spend time in the U-shaped lounge when hanging out and being social, then utilize the flip-up passenger and reversible stern seats when the action starts behind the boat. Either way, the G25 has the perfect configuration for whatever on-water activity you choose.

Incomparable Innovation

The Super Air Nautique G25 was created with a performance-first mentality. This hull shape has the ability to deliver wakesurf waves that are completely customizable, and the wakeboard wakes are perfectly shaped for beginners all the way up through expert riders. The integration of the Nautique Configurable Running Surface® (NCRS) and the Nautique Surf System (NSS) right into the design of the hull allows this legendary model to outperform the rest.

relax and spend time with friends and family

Hang out in the new rear-facing transom seats aboard the Super Air Nautique G25. These comfortable seats allow you to relax and spend time with friends and family as they enjoy the large swim platform area while the boat is stationary.

Length Overall

25' / 7.62m

Length With Platform

27'3" / 8.31m

Lift Ring Spacing

23'6.31" / 7.17m


102" / 2.59m


25" / .64m

Approx Dry Weight

6,400 lbs / 2,903 kg

Fuel Capacity

83 gal / 314.2 l

Maximum Capacity

19 people / 2,800 lbs / 1,270 kg

Max Factory Ballast

2,850 lbs / 1,293 kg


ZZ6 - 450 HP / ZR7 - 475 HP / XS7/XR7 - 550 HP


465 Ft-Lb / 575 Ft-Lb

Gear Reduction Ratio