Super Air Nautique G23

Wake Sports Boat


Riders from around the world will agree, nothing compares to a G23. As the industry-leader in wake and surf wave performance, the Super Air Nautique G23 has redefined what we expect out of a wake boat since its debut. The Rider’s Choice as the 5X Wakesurf and 7X Wakeboard Boat of the Year, the G23 has added to that dynasty in 2020 by bringing onboard a multitude of new features. The refined, luxury feel has been leveled up once again so that this revolutionary boat takes you beyond your expectations.

Head of the Class

With its distinctive lines, the Super Air Nautique G23 makes a statement and draws attention wherever it’s seen. With a wide palette of gel colors to choose from, you can create your own unique masterpiece when designing your personal G23. The bow, windshield and docking light signatures declare to all that a G23 is headed their way.

Lap of Luxury

With plenty of room for family and friends and ample storage underneath the seats, you'll find the interior of the Super Air Nautique G23 is the perfect place to spend your summer. Configure it as a lounge to socialize or utilize the flip-up and reversible stern seats to watch all the action: the interior of the G23 is incredibly versatile.

Unrivaled Execution

Being chosen as the 7X Wakeboard Boat of the Year and the 5X Wakesurf Boat of the Year, the G23 is a legend for a reason. With the ability to customize your wakesurf waves and wakeboard wakes and with 2,850 pounds of sub-floor ballast, it stands alone at the top of the wake boat market. Dish out perfect wakeboard wakes for beginners, experts and everything in between, or set up a surf wave exactly the way you want it, the G23 does it all.

Extremely Convenient For Anyone

Deploy or stow your tower at the touch of a button with the optional Actuated Flight Control Tower on the Super Air Nautique G23. With the ability to be operated by just one person and with the bimini still connected, this design makes it extremely convenient for anyone who needs to fold down the tower to go under a bridge or pull into a boathouse.

Length Overall

23' / 7.01m

Length With Platform

25'3" / 7.70m

Lift Ring Spacing

21'6.25" / 6.56m


102" / 2.59m


25" / .64m

Approx Dry Weight

5,900 lbs / 2,676 kg

Fuel Capacity

65 gal / 246.1 l

Maximum Capacity

16 people / 2,500 lbs / 1,134 kg

Max Factory Ballast

2,850 lbs / 1,293 kg


8LV – 370 / ZZ6 - 450 HP / ZR7 - 475 HP / XR7 - 550 HP


595 Ft-Lb / 500 Ft-Lb / 465 Ft-Lb / 575 Ft-Lb

Gear Reduction Ratio