Nautique 200

Wake Sports Boat

Nautique 200

Ready to cater towards the school, camp or family looking for a waterski boat that can outperform anything else, the Nautique 200 is ready to be put to the test. With hull characteristics derived from the record-breaking Ski 200, this model has taken the best features and built on those to produce a boat perfect for the course or open-water. A waterski boat with a ton of interior space, the Nautique 200 has the refined and industry-leading build quality of a Nautique and is AWSA tournament-approved.

Born to Perform

With a nod to the traditional ski boat purist, the Nautique 200 is a waterski boat built on the foundation of breaking world records. Sharp lines and aggressive styling make up this beautifully-appointed boat, and with the optional tower it will turn heads running through the course or on the open lake.

Simplistic Elegance

The open layout in the Nautique 200 is all about function and having fun on the water. The interior provides plenty of space for up to 9 passengers and with zero carpet onboard and SeaDek throughout, this boat is stylish, comfortable and easily maintained.

Fun on the Water

The Nautique 200 was designed from the award-winning and record-breaking Ski Nautique 200. Taking some of the best characteristics and even adding some new ones, the hull of the Nautique 200 performs much like its predecessor and is an AWSA record-capable and tournament-approved towboat.

the perfect tow point and easily folds down

The optional Flight Control Tower provides the perfect tow point and easily folds down. This allows the Nautique 200 to go under low bridges, pull into smaller boathouses and easy on-trailer storage.

Length Overall

20' / 6.10m

Length With Platform

21' 10" / 6.65m

Lift Ring Spacing

18'8"/ 5.69m


95" / 2.41m


22" / .56

Approx Dry Weight

3400lbs / 1,542 kg

Fuel Capacity

27 gal / 102.1 l

Maximum Capacity

9 people / 1,450 lbs / 658 kg

Max Factory Ballast



ZR4 - 400 hp


400 ft-lb

Gear Reduction Ratio