Wake Sports Boat


The pinnacle of waterski boat innovation, the Ski Nautique is a world-record setting ski boat with award-winning technology and unmatched performance. The lightest waterski boat on the market, the Ski Nautique utilizes an industry-first blended carbon fiber and fiberglass construction method. That process creates the perfect balance of strength and weight, and with the addition of the award-winning MicroTuner® technology, the Ski Nautique has the softest wakes possible. High-end performance, a superior driving experience and all the luxury refinements you can imagine, the Ski Nautique is the best waterski boat ever created.

Beyond Imagination

The hull styling on the Ski Nautique was developed using aggressive lines and a striking aesthetic. The faceted hullside is stunning; the shimmering reflections on the water leave no doubt to you or anyone else that you’re driving a Ski Nautique.

Luxurious Convenience

Luxurious touches and high-quality material, the interior of the Ski Nautique is the best in the business. Enjoy the ultimate driving experience on the water thanks to a well-appointed helm. Add that to the ample storage, configurable rear seating and thoughtful design elements and you’ll begin to understand why the Ski Nautique interior is the pinnacle of waterski boat design.

Thoroughbred Performance

The Ski Nautique hull has surpassed all expectations for what a ski boat can do since its inception. Using a proprietary method of integrating carbon fiber along with fiberglass into the cored hull structure, the hull of the Ski Nautique has the perfect balance of strength and weight.

better ability to communicate with the skier

The notch-out in the gunnels of the Ski Nautique gives the driver or passenger better ability to communicate with the skier in the water. Designed to create a better connection to the skier when picking up, it also provides great visibility while the boat is stationary.

Length Overall

20' / 6.10m

Length With Platform

21' 10.5" / 6.67m

Lift Ring Spacing

18' 7" / 5.66m


98" / 2.49m


21" / 0.53m

Approx Dry Weight

2945 lbs / 1336 kg

Fuel Capacity

29 gal / 109.8 l

Maximum Capacity

7 people / 1,450 lbs / 658 kg

Max Factory Ballast

400 lbs / 181.4 kg


ZR4 - 400 HP / ZZ5 - 355 HP / ZZ6 - 450 HP


400 Ft-Lb / 405 Ft-Lb / 465Ft-Lb

Gear Reduction Ratio